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Since a long time I was planning to show the iranian révolution. I have covered the révolution from 78 to 1981.

A book was published in 1979 , Iran, l’eclatement, éditions du sycomore.

Now it’s a part of human history. My idea was not to show only the major évents and beautiful pictures.  I wanted to show a day by day story of the revolution.  A kind of diary, It’s not only my story, it’s the story of the iranian people. It took me 30 years to go back to my file, scan, édit, It’s not finished yet  but it’s on the way.  there is still a lot to do, ( I have to clean and develop the pictures properly).  You are most welcomed for help, with information, captions, names, etc I will had in the future more pictures, and tearsheets of magazines.

my idea is not to make a profit but to set up a very compréhensive web site.  I am also looking for an  iranian assistant for the translation in farsi.

You can help me  by sending some money on my paypal account.

The money will be used exclusively for this project,

my paypal account    setboun@yahoo.Fr   Mention Iran

if you want to use any picture you have to contact me first.

under each image you get access to the complete story
april 1978 Iran before turmoil to september 1978 1978 sept 11th black friday October 1978
November 1978 Khomeyni in france december 1978 espahan
Moharam 1979 january 1979 feb 1978 arrival of khomeyni feb 11th 1978, the takeover
the islamic republic arafat in iran the palace of the shah the american hostages
milices moharam 1979 qom holy city of islam shia murals
turmoil in province      
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